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NoVA Series
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Almost effortless to install, and with outstanding performance and unparalleled versatility, NoVA security systems are the perfect answer where a wireless solution is called for.

Comprising of compact receiving units, repeaters, and stationary and portable detectors and transmitters, RISCO Groups NoVA line provides remote security and control solutions for any control panel. NoVA wireless systems can also be used independently to operate lights, doors, and gates, and for personal security/emergency applications.

NoVA products have one of 16 million codes pseudorandomly programmed into each transmitter during production for address determination, which is learned by the receiver during installation. This significant advantage provides higher security and easier installation compared to wireless systems that use DIP switches for address determination.

NoVA products are PLL based, which makes them more accurate and stable over time and temperature changes, when compared with SAW resonator technology.

NoVA systems, operating in 433MHz radio frequencies, are EU (1-ETS 300-220) and US (FCC Part 15) approved. They feature superior radio sensitivity and interference rejection, and permit full channel/event display and system supervision. All NoVA receivers and transmitters are fully compatible.

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The NoVA I is a high-performance single-zone add-on receiver for adding wireless capability to any control panel. It is compatible with all NoVA wireless detectors, remote control transmitters, and repeaters
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The NoVA IV receiver can be linked to any control panel. It combines superior radio sensitivity and interference rejection with full channel and event display and system supervision.